Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ethical Public Service Act dies; on the sly!

There was legislation before the city council. Had it been
passed, it would be harder for a mayor's crony's nephew's
landscaping company to sell us crappy concrete, link.

Had the legislation been passed, it would be harder for a
sitting mayor to screw over a businessman who won't
kiss his ass, link.

Had the legislation been passed, it would be harder to hide cost overruns and delays on a control tower, from a forensic audit, link.

The Ethical Public Service Act is tight. It is the product
of a huge investment by a number of dedicated people,
whose goal was to change the ethical culture in city hall.

This link will take you to 168 pages of first source documentation, including;

  • A Proposal to Reform the Ethical Culture of City of Albuquerque Government, the Report of the Albuquerque City Ethics Coalition.

And several appendices
  • Appendix A The Ethical Public Service Act
  • Appendix B Report of Code of Conduct Evaluation Team
  • Appendix C Demonstrating Ethical Leadership by Measuring Ethics
  • Appendix D City of Albuquerque Charter, Article XII, Code of Ethics
  • Appendix E City of Albuquerque Conflict of Interest Ordinance Ch. 3, art. 1, §§ 3-3-1 to 3-3-13 (ROA 1994)
  • Appendix F City of Albuquerque Accountability in Government Ordinance Ch. 2, art. 10, §§ 2-10-1 to 2-10-16 (ROA 1994)
  • Appendix G City of Albuquerque Whistleblower Ordinance Ch. 3, art. 7, §§ 3-7-1 to 3-7-11 (ROA 1994)
  • Appendix H City of Albuquerque Merit System Ordinance Ch. 3, art. 1, §§ 3-1-23 to 3-1-25 (ROA 1994)
  • Appendix I City of Albuquerque Personnel Rules and Regulations §§ 300, 301, 311
The City Council, link, was given the report with the expectation that they would make it into law. As far as I can tell, they never did anything with it at all, link. And now, more than a year later, the legislation has died by "dying", effectively in secret.

This is the guy to hold accountable.

Either he can't end the culture of corruption, or
he never really intended to.

and does it make any difference which?

Richard Romero has promised
to tell the truth, link.

Richard Berry has been asked
to make that promise, and
is yet to respond.

And the other guy says
he doesn't have to answer
desperate questions,

especially from bloggers.

There in lies the rub, because the Journal refuses to investigate and report upon the courage and the character of political candidates, or school boards, or superintendents.

photos Mark Bralley

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