Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Journal Watch, on Bode vs Chavez

Meet Tracy Dingman.
Find her work on the
Journal Watch. link.

In her own words

"Tracy Dingmann is a former reporter who spent 20 years writing for daily newspapers, including 18 years as a staff writer covering government, education, arts and culture at the Albuquerque Journal. Tracy is currently the New Media Director for the Center for Civic Policy and a freelance columnist for the New Mexico Independent."

Not too surprisingly
they are "watching"
the Journal.

They don't trust the Journal
to tell the truth.

With good reason.

They wrote a piece about the Journal's,
up to that point, failure to report upon the significance of the charges that have been brought by local business man John H. Bode, against the city and the mayor, link.

After their complaint, the Journal wrote a waist deep report, link.

Perhaps if the Journal Watch wrote a piece about the Journal's failure to investigate and report upon an audit, link, that reveals serious and expensive contract management issues in connection with Mayor Chavez' crony, Fred Mondragon, and his nephew's landscaping company, link, perhaps the Journal would respond with at least a waist deep truth telling there as well.

And while their at it, maybe they might also point to the Journal's failure to investigate and report upon ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS. Maybe the Journal might go waist deep there too.

You go! Journal watchers.

photos Mark Bralley

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