Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Every elected public servant should have a website.

In the best case scenario, any constituent has the opportunity to stand eyeball to eyeball with any public servant, and then ask them any legitimate question about public resources, public power, the public interests, and their public service,

and then expect them to answer candidly, forthrightly and honestly.

The second best scenario offers that same opportunity,
but over the internet, and on the record.

And the downside would be what, exactly?

Except that those who want to hide the truth,
will no longer be allowed to.

I challenge every candidate for the public trust;

establish a website where questions can be asked and answered according to code of ethics.

There on to,

  • Answer any legitimate question.
  • Defend any decision to do otherwise,
    according to due process.
  • Answer candidly, forthrightly, and honestly.

There on, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth, about the public interests and
about your public service.

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