Friday, August 14, 2009

Mayor Marty no-shows another forum.

According to the unlinkable report in the Journal,
Mayor Marty Chavez was a no-show at yet another mayoral forum.

An unidentified campaign spokeswoman said that he was taking part in an interview by the Fraternal Order of Police.

All that is necessary to buy this unbelievably lame excuse, is to believe that his interview with the Fraternal Order of Police could not have been moved to any other time, on any other day.

If you don't believe that one, then you are free to believe that he no-showed a forum where he would have to answer uncensored questions from constituents.

Questions like;
How is it that the mayor's crony's nephew's landscaping company got paid 32 million dollars for 22 million dollars' worth of city contracts, in blatant violation of more policies than you can shake a stick at? link.

The implied arrogance in offering up such a lame excuse is mind boggling.

photos Mark Bralley

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