Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busted at a town hall meeting.

Rep Martin Heinrich's plan was as fair as it could possibly have been; random access to a microphone and the floor for two minutes, to ask what ever question they wanted.

Everything about the process was literally transparent. Unless there is a world class magician in the wings, it was fair.

The very first card was called, and a "gentleman" took his
position at the microphone. The second card that was read,
had his name on it as well.

It was a second or two until the crowd noise indicated that they were beginning to understand what was going on. To their credit, they were outraged. Some shouted; throw him out!

He had helped himself to at least twice his fair share of the opportunity to speak. He was apparently under the impression that his input was worth at least twice as much as the input of any other of his countrymen.

And there he was, standing up at the microphone absolutely by himself. He could not have been more naked than, if he were actually naked.

Surely someone got the video, I couldn't.
Can anyone say? YouTube

Talk about karmic pay back; what a bitch.

My dad was kidding when he used to say to me,

There's a lesson to be learned here but, it escapes me.

... not.

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Anonymous said...

There's an American tradition becoming more and more acceptable: "It's ok,...until you get caught".
I hope everyone sees that guy for the pig he was!