Thursday, August 20, 2009

Denish steps up, falls down.

Lt Gov Diane Denish is using the Vigil-Giron indictments to remind voters that she has a plan on the table.

Blogger Haussamen this morning writes;

"Referring to the litany of scandals, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish said the most recent indictments of Vigil-Giron and others are “further evidence of New Mexico’s need for an independent ethics commission and increased transparency in state government.”

“The indictment of a government official erodes public confidence in their government,” she said in a prepared statement. “… On July 9, I announced a plan for establishing an independent ethics commission that has the legal authority to investigate ethics complaints and impose penalties when necessary. I am more committed than ever to working with the Legislature to pass this ethics plan.”"

Yet, the truth is that Denish's plan does not include adequate funding for the State Auditor's Office, does not include adequate funding for the Attorney General's Office, and does not include adequate funding for the Secretary of State's Office.

Nor is Denish apparently, much concerned about when her plan will be enacted.
She is apparently willing to let the legislature bring it up on its own; like that will ever happen.

She is not insisting that it be the first order of business for the next meeting of the legislature, nor of the next, nor of the next.

Anything that is everyone's responsibility,
is no one's responsibility.

photo Mark Bralley

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