Monday, August 31, 2009

If Diane Denish cannot stand up to Bill Richardson now

who can she stand up to? and when?

Another commenter has taken me to task for suggesting that
Lt Governor Diane Denish could end the culture of corruption
at will, and has not yet done so, out of a lack of character and/or

S/he wrote;

"... you expect the Lt Gov to be able to fix everything
when there is an extremely strong governor.
Which is, of course, stupid."

If Diane Denish is elected
Governor, she will have to
take on the next good ol' boy
in line; Speaker of the
House, Ben Lujan.

Is she going to tell him that
he can't have a highway
interchange built next to
his land?

If for no other reason than that it looks really, really bad.

Or will she get a bye on standing up to an extremely strong speaker too?

Imagine the following circumstance; Lt Governor Diane Denish calls a news conference. She informs the people that, she is going to end the culture of corruption in Santa Fe, at once and for all.

She tells the people that, for abundantly obvious reasons, she cannot do this by herself.

She tells the people that she needs a few thousand of them to stand behind her on the steps of the Roundhouse and demand that legislators step up and end the culture of corruption; at once and for all.

Am I delusional in supposing that she would have those thousands of peasants with their torches and pitchforks? And if that were not enough, to suppose that on the following weekend she would have the tens of thousands that she needs?

Is it really stupid? to demand that the very next thing that the
legislature does, before they spend another few hundred million
tax dollars in the special session, is to legislate the end of
the culture of corruption;

to demand that they write the legislation that will make it impossibly difficult to hide corruption and incompetence in public service.

It is possible to end the culture of corruption. You just make
it impossibly difficult to hide the stealing. You place casino security on the peoples' treasure chest.

Diane Denish has the power and the opportunity to end the culture of corruption at once, and for all.

All it takes is, a lot of character and a lot
of courage.

And if she cannot summon enough of both to take care of business, we know someone who can.

Someone with
proven competence,
proven character, and
proven courage.

photos Mark Bralley

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