Sunday, August 09, 2009

"Security" at Martin Heinrich's town hall meeting.

It has been reported, link, that "security" will be present at
Rep Martin Heinrich's
next town hall meeting.

That's a shame.

Not that there will be "security", but that, there needs to be.

If we can no longer have civil debate on important issues,
how are we not hopelessly screwed?

And shame on anyone of any party, who stands in the way.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ched,
I recently contacted Heinrich's office to give my input on Health Care Reform.
It's probably attributed to the attention (& therefore pressure) you put out about his office etiquette.. but I must say the staff he employs on the phone were friendly, courteous and patient, and answered questions to the best of their ability.
An additional factor of change could also be that Obama is referring his constituents (via email) to call Heinrich's (and other representatives) office and give their input on health care reform, then report back how the call was received.
Anyway, I think things are getting better between the public & Heinrich's office.