Saturday, August 15, 2009

Richardson and Denish; peas in a pod?

When is comes to ethics reform, there are a number of people that think that there is not a wit of difference between Bill Richardson and Diane Denish.

They were not even moved by Denish's release of her plan to end the culture of corruption. They argued that it was a bluff that she knew would never be called, because Richardson was never going to put ethics reform on the table for an open and honest discussion.

Well here we are, a Special Session is being called, and Richardson says ethics reform is not on the table.

This would be the place where Denish stands up and tells voters how very disappointed she is, in the governor's decision.

Or, not.

Republicans forfeit their right to chime in the issue,
for as long as they have no plan at all to derail the gravy train.

photo Mark Bralley

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