Sunday, August 16, 2009

Show us the water!

There is an issue in the mayoral race needing resolution; sprawl.

The line is pretty clearly drawn. Mayor Martin Chavez would
like to serve his 8th term as mayor of a megalopolis that stretches from the Rio Puerco to the Sandias, and
from Santa Fe to Las Cruces.

The Rio Puerco is a mostly dry looking river about 20 miles west, link, of where a half of a million people are living right now.

Richard Romero says, not so fast.

Romero is wondering if there is enough water.

I say, not so fast. And I am wondering
why in the world would we even want
to do this?

Even if we had a big pipe draining
Lake Superior into the Rio Grande,
do we really want to live in a
20 mile wide ribbon of congestion, pollution and rising crime rates that stretches from Santa Fe to Las Cruces?

I want there to be a time, a day, and a place,
where Marty Chavez will show us the water, and where
he will explain to us, why we want to live in a city the size of
San Francisco-Los Angeles-San Diego-Tijuana. link

He will not, because he doesn't respond to requests from desperate bloggers asking desperate questions.

Gotta go with Romero on this one.

photos Mark Bralley

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