Monday, August 10, 2009

Will voters know the truth about John Bode's suit against Marty Chavez before the election?

It occurs to me that there is only one reason not to settle the complaint filed by businessman, John Bode, against Mayor Marty Chavez, Journal link, NMI link, before voting begins.

That reason would be to keep the truth from voters.

John Bode would like to settle his case at
the earliest opportunity. I don't know that
for a fact, but why would he not?

Complainants with a legitimate complaint,
always want to avoid delay. Respondents,
in particular, those with no other defense,
always want to create it.

Surely, Chavez would like to settle the case as early as possible; and definitely before the election.

The cloud hanging over him is costing him votes.

His opponent, Senator Richard Romero is tearing him a new asshole over the allegations. According to the Journal article;

"Voters can expect to hear more about the case in the run-up to the Oct. 6 election. Mayoral candidate Richard Romero has highlighted the case in messages to supporters and says combating cronyism is one of his signature issues."
I would never vote for him, based on the entirely credible complaint lodged by Bode, alone.

Chavez should be fighting for the earliest possible settlement. Providing of course that the settlement would prove that he has not betrayed the public trust in a major way, again.

Otherwise settlement might take awhile.

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