Thursday, August 06, 2009

An illustrative example of a legitimate question that the leadership of the APS will not answer.

What would be the effect on students if the leadership of the APS actually expected students to model and promote the Pillars of Character Counts! according to school board policy?

What would be the effect on test scores, graduation rates,
bullying, truancy, and chronic disruption, if students were
taught that their character counts?

If they were actually required to be;

caring, and
fair, and
respectful, and
responsible, and
a good citizen, and
trustworthy as well?

Would students be better or worse for it?

photos Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

In 4 different districts, in 4 different states that I've worked in, "Character Counts!" is a fancy pamphlet or booklet given to the teachers in the first 2 weeks of school, then not mentioned or monitored thereafter.
It's a wonderful-meaning program that has been turned into a sham.
PS-Admin in APS told me that Charactor Counts! was not used in high schools because students already have charactor or not, and the program would be a waste and useless...go figure!

ched macquigg said...

I am wondering if they really don't understand, or are just grasping for straws.

Enforcing any standard of conduct, is not done to change people's personalities, it is to regulate their behavior.

Any kid can be made to behave as if they were ethical, whether they are or not is a whole different question.

Anonymous said...

I think the denial of Character counts in APS education is a district-wide sentiment.
It would be interesting if the Character Counts! foundation holds the same opinion? Or is APS "slacking" by not giving it to their high schools?
Either way, APS' high school admin are not clamoring for nor demanding this program for their schools. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the parent CC! website ( and they have great lesson plans for teaching CC! to teens in high school. They also have research and results of ethics, character development,etc... in the high school setting.
I have always been convinced that many APS schools accepts the check each year from CC! for participating, then never fulfills its end of the bargain.
To be fair, I hear CC! is utilized well in many elementaries , but the MS aren't taking it seriously, and the HS aren't taking it at all.

Anonymous said...

If the state offered every student $200 upon graduation, then they would see an automatic graduation rate increase.
NCLB has stripped the "love of learning" from teachers and students alike. The students don't feel involved in the process, they don't relate the immediate value of the diploma they can possess.
Nothing says "immediate value" and "instant gratification" like cash $$. We live in a materialistic world, we need to talk that language and link it to character, pride, planning for the future, etc...