Sunday, August 09, 2009

If Education Secretary Veronica Garcia were abducted by aliens, would anyone notice?

Education reform inevitably includes hiring and appointing more people at the top of the pyramid.

If you ask the people at the bottom, if any of the people at the top are making their jobs any easier or more successful,
the answer will be, no.

If Veronica Garcia were abducted by aliens, it would not be noticed by the people who struggle at the educational interface.

And when a whole new crop of
Governor Bill Richardson's

cronies are paid to fill an
Office of Hispanic Education
no teacher will feel that either.

Except they might notice that even fewer resources are available for them to spend in their classrooms in their efforts to solve the problems they face on a daily basis.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

How about we discontinue New Mexico's African-American office, then we put the brakes on the Office of Hispanic Education. Then... we create an NM "Office of Student Affairs" where parents can go get help, counseling, resources. Where they can actually file reports of abuse, neglect, incompetence directly to NM to investigate.
Veronica Garcia's Office is not accessable to the public. I and many others have emailed, called, etc...and never got a response back from her, or a representative of her office. Even her friends from bygone days can't get a hold of her.
Will these Student Cultural programs" be any better? I doubt it.
We need an independently contracted company to handle all student's affairs in NM.
NOT JUST SOME STUDENTS...ALL STUDENTS! (Do the words "OCR" "lawsuit", "Discrimination" give you a preview, if you don't understand anything else?)

Anonymous said...

VERONICA: Where's the NM Office for Homeless/abandoned students? They have almost a 100% fail rate!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately not all the alien anal probes in the universe could get past some of the hemorrhoids we have as public servants.
On the bright side, as "uptight" as some of them are, the aliens might find diamonds up in there (though I'm sure some of these civil servants are convinced they crap gold)