Thursday, August 20, 2009

Robbins cries, foul!

I was at the public forum to point to the need for an impartial standards and accountability audit of the administration of the APS, before they ask us to trust them with another $650M.

I was listing examples of evidence of the lack of standards and accountability. Among the examples, some quotations;

  • Governor Richardson's, APS has an earned statewide reputation for its lack of financial accountability, and
  • Mayor Marty Chavez', argument that it was necessary for him to be able to appoint his own school board members to address the lack of standards and accountability, and
  • APS Police Chief Gil Lovato's, if the truth ever gets out, there won't be a single APS senior administrator left standing.
I was not able to read the entire list, because I am given only 2 minutes to speak.

After the public forum, there is "Matters of Information".
It amounts to a show and tell; everyone on the dais gets to talk
about whatever they want to, for as long as they want to.

Robbins chose to talk about the impropriety of my repeating of years-old quotes. He thinks, apparently that there is a statute of limitations on the truth. If they can keep the truth hidden long enough, then I cannot bring it up again.

A premise I reject categorically.

According the APS Student Standards of Conduct;
"There is no debt too old for an honest man to pay."

The problem is illustrated by the following example; at the time that APS Chief of Police, Gil Lovato was saying, if the truth ever gets out, there won't be a single APS senior administrator left standing, there was a scandal going on in the APS Police Department and evidence room. There was also felony criminal misconduct, including the criminal misuse of a supposedly secure NCIC criminal database. APS senior administrator(s) were involved in using the system to retaliate against whistle blowers and to investigate the fiancee of a very senior APS administrator.

The reason that it is appropriate to mention the quotation more than 2 1/2 years later is, 2 1/2 years later, the truth is still not "out". Even after statutes of limitation have expired on felony criminal misconduct, the leadership of the APS has still not surrendered the evidence of that felony criminal misconduct to the District Attorney. The misconduct is not 2 1/2 years old, it is ongoing.

Then Robbins went on to address my allegation that
APS has never has had a standards and accountability audit
that did not reveal findings of inadequacy.

I use the phrase "standards and accountability" deliberately
and repeatedly. It is not the same as a financial audit.
APS is passing "financial" audits.
Assuming of course that the Meyners Audit's statute of
limitation on telling the truth has expired.
Meyners auditors reported that the leadership of the APS

never had
adequate financially adequate written policies and procedures,
they never had adequate accountability to the standards they do have, and
they (never) kept adequate records of the spending of billions of tax dollars.

The audit that needs to happen is one where impartial auditor looks for meaningful standards of conduct and competence in the administration of the public schools. They will look for honest accountability to those standards.

Good ol' boy oligarchies do not have adequate standards and accountability. Standards and accountability are fatal to corruption and incompetence.

They cannot produce a clean audit.

Nothing would be of greater value in passing a $650M bond issue, than a clean audit. If they could produce one they would produce one.

In bringing up financial audits in a discussion of standards
and accountability audits, Robbins dragged a red herring
into the discussion. It was dishonest.

It is the kind of behavior that is specifically prohibited according the APS Student Standards of Conduct. Except that Robbins is not accountable as a role model of those standards; by his own deliberate choice.

At this very moment, more than 100 whistle blower complaints are being denied due process. According to School Board Policy, the Audit Committee is required to "review and approve" of whistle blower complaints.
It is an important check and balance between the administrative and executive branches of the government of the APS.

Robbins refuses to put the review and approval of whistle blower complaints on his audit committee agenda. He is denying every one of these complaints their due process.

In order to get away with denying due process to the two complaints that I filed, due process is being denied to all complaints.

Because David Robbins does not want an open and honest public discussion of whether or not he and the rest of the leadership of the APS are actually accountable as role models of an ethical standard of conduct, every complaint that has ever been filed with APS SilentWhistle blower protection program is being denied due process.

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