Monday, August 10, 2009

He didn't say, I didn't do it.

According to the Journal, link, and NMI link, businessman John Bode said the guy that actually shook him down was Fred Mondragón.

"Bode's most-detailed shakedown allegations are leveled primarily at Fred Mondragón, who was the city's economic development director before moving to a similar position as a Cabinet secretary under Gov. Bill Richardson."
According to the Journal,
denial was limited;
"These allegations are completely untrue."
Bode says Mondragón said.
"...this is the way that, you know, politics worked in New Mexico ..."

Mayor Marty Chavez denial read;
"They are false allegations."

Neither one of them actually said,
I promise you, I have done nothing to betray the trust
that has been placed in me by the people of Albuquerque.

The other thing that occurred to me; if this guy actually did
what Bode says he did, he is probably still shaking people down,
but at the state level
because this is the way that politics works in New Mexico

photos Mark Bralley

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