Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who do the PIOs work for?

New Mexicans pony up millions of dollars a year on
Public Information Officers
for public servants/offices.

Should they be spinning the truth for us, or
telling the truth to us?

Heath Haussamen writes this morning about being treated
shabbily by Bill Richardson's public information office.
Welcome to the club.

I have to take issue with Haussamen on one point. He wrote;

"And communications staffers do and should spend a great deal of time working to sell messages that will advance the policy agendas of their bosses." (emphasis added)
That's what their bosses hire them for; but
is that what we pay them for?

Then where do I sign up
to speak against my taxes
being used to sell
Bill Richardson's agenda,
as opposed to answering my
legitimate questions, candidly,
forthrightly, and honestly.

photo Mark Bralley

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