Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Robert Lucero is already spending the bond money.

The bond issue election doesn't even happen until February.

The administration was asking for permission to spend about
$6M doing apparently necessary remodeling and renovation
at Sandia High School.

Lucero said, the heck with that, let's spend the six million dollars instead, on designing a new school, which will be part of the up coming bond issue.

Paula Maes, in whose district Sandia lies, agreed, and then rest of the board hopped on board as well.

The issue is not whether Sandia High School needs to be renovated or rebuilt.

The question is whether Robert Lucero should be spending taxes that the district has not yet collected, without the slightest consideration of stakeholder interests.

What about stakeholders who might have a different priorities when it comes to which schools need renovating or rebuilding?

More importantly, is it ok for Robert Lucero to be blocking an independent audit of the standards and accountability that stakeholders are relying upon to protect their interests and the resources that he is spending so freely?

Is it ok for Robert Lucero to refuse to tell the truth about administrative and executive role modeling of the APS Student Standards of Conduct?

Is it ok for the board to destroy the audio record of this meeting, as soon as they approve their own anecdotal written minutes?

If you ask Robert Lucero any of these questions, he will not respond candidly, forthrightly, and honestly, because

"you can't make me"

photos Mark Bralley

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