Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Board Meeting tonight is scheduled to be streamed.

Tonight marks the debut of the streaming of board meetings
over the internet through the APS website, link.

Once on the site, click on

  1. "APS Leadership", then on
  2. "Board", then on
  3. "Watch the APS Board of Education Meeting Live"
Or, you can click on this link. (unclear without a meeting in progress,
whether or not this will actually help you. It seems like it might)

Board meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday.
They begin at 5pm. Public Forum is usually about 20 to 30
minutes in.

If you want to speak at the public forum, you must sign in
before 5pm. They offer no good and ethical reason that they
will not allow anyone to sign up any time before the forum ends.

The meeting will be broadcast with a two minute delay,
coincidentally the same amount of time speakers are allowed
at the public forum.

They say they intend to archive the recordings; although their last stated interest was in destroying any public records of meetings once the written minutes were approved.

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