Friday, August 28, 2009

Rearranging the deck chairs at Titanic High.

APS is experimenting with a new bell schedule in APS high
schools. The expressed expectation, test scores will rise.

The fundamental premise;

It is possible to take 30 children and move them in
exactly the same direction, at exactly the same speed,
for 12 years. Not only is it possible, it is preferred.
is flawed.

Ask anybody, except the leadership of the APS.
You know their answer already.
Although herding kittens is a demonstrable impossibility,
we expect to succeed with that model,
by allowing the kittens stand up and walk around,
according to the latest fad in bell schedules.

The ultimate goal of schools, should be to create people who
have no need for schools. The way to accomplish that is to
create independent learners at the earliest opportunity.
You cannot create independent learners in groups of 30.

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