Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Policy Committee Meeting minutes show cover up.

The APS Policy Committee voted this morning to cover up
a crime.

When an APS vendor threw a party for APS vendees,
the law was broken, link.

The minutes, link, approved this morning tell a slightly different story;

"It was determined that no existing state
procurement laws or APS policies were broken."
Now in a legal weaselry kind of a way, I guess you could argue that they only said that it was "determined" that there was no law breaking, and not that they said that "there were no laws broken".

But, anyone reading the minutes would assume that,
there were no laws broken.

Except that, there were.

The minutes also did not mention another significant issue.
The question was raised whether Board Member David Peercy
should be voting to approve contracts covering his wife.

He told the board that he has a legal opinion from the district's
lawyer stating that he was not violating the law.

Robert Lucero
acted immediately to keep the document
secret from stakeholders, link.

The minutes report this all as;
"More discussion followed in regard to other questions
that could be considered a conflict of interest, that is
voting for employee raises and also voting on the budget.
The answer was legally, there were no restrictions.
The legal opinion will be forwarded to Board members."
There is a reason these folks refuse to be held accountable
as role models of the APS Student Standards of Conduct.

It is because if they were, they would have to tell the truth.

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