Friday, August 28, 2009

Is Diane Denish "leading the fight" for transparent accountability?

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, in her official release, says;

“... the fact remains that public confidence has been eroded by the numerous investigations into possible wrongdoings by other government officials. We need strong ethics reform to make state government more open and accountable and I will continue to lead that fight.” (emphasis added)

Oh really?

How has Denish lead? When was she the point of the spear? She was the second to put up an ethics reform plan, and her plan is still fatally flawed. She has not offered a single word of support nor the promise to spend even one penny to fund the Balderas' Plan to end the culture of corruption through continuous forensic auditing. She has never stood up in anyone's face and demanded the end of corruption.

Apparently she never will.

We have a genuine leader in the fight for transparent accountability and it is not Diane Denish.

Rep Janice Arnold-Jones is the leader.
She was the first through the breech.

"Fighting for transparent accountability" means taking a camera into a legislative committee meeting, against the expressed will of the "leadership" and beginning the webcasting of the people's business in the Roundhouse.

She can actually point to times and places where she stood eyeball to eyeball with the good ol' boys, waiting for someone to blink.

They blinked; she didn't.

Proven competence, proven character, proven courage.

photos Mark Bralley

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