Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Journal coverage of Bode allegations, falls short.

Forgive the Journal for printing some other guy's picture in their article about the allegations that John Bode has made against Mayor Marty Chavez, et al.

Don't forgive them their shallow coverage, link.

Coverage is much better at NMI link.

This is a huge scandal. If Bode's allegations are substantiated, is it a career ender for an ethically challenged mayor.

The Journal ran the story under a headline that read; Shakedown Claims May Affect Campaign.

Newsflash for the Journal; the "allegations" aren't the game ender, the truth about the allegations is.

And it is the Journal's responsibility to investigate and publish the truth about whether the allegations have merit.

The Journal needs to dig deeper. They are after all,
"a newspaper of record."

They need to interview a few other business people. Ask them
if they felt pressure to "buy tickets to the Mayor's Ball"
before they could do business with the city.

A great place to start their interviews
would be
State Senator Diane Snyder,
who was a lobbyist for a group of local
business people, and who spoke in front
of the Senate Rules Committee.
She relayed to the committee, that
city hall shakedowns of her clients,
were routine.

Does anyone really suppose that pay to play is not "the way politics work in New Mexico"?

Come on Journal, dig a little. Make sure voters know what they need to know before voting begins.

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Anonymous said...

Mayor Marty might be all smiles in his photo ops, but he will threaten to kill you should his anger get the best of him.
Is he serious when he makes threats like this? The report I took from a teenager that crossed him the wrong way seemed very scared... so scared s/he and their parents decided to let it go instead.
I don't know how "evil" MArty can be, but somehow he intimidates his way around town.