Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let's spend the reserve fund.

The State of New Mexico has a shoebox full of cash under its bed. It's called the reserve fund.

Right now there is more money in the reserve fund than there is in deficit. The fund could be spent to cover the deficit. To do so however, would mean depleting the reserve fund to a dangerously low balance. There would be no money for a rainy day.

I propose; in a special session dedicated solely to ending the culture of corruption, we take whatever money we need to, out of the reserve fund, in order to fully fund the end the culture of corruption through forensic auditing and transparency. Every branch of government, whose responsibilities include enforcing meaningful standards of conduct and competence, will receive whatever they need funding they need, in order to stop the stealing.

In a subsequent special session, spending will be cut or
taxes will be raised, in order to maintain the necessary floor
in the rainy day fund.

In the next fiscal year,
hundreds of millions of dollars will be saved.

The savings will be put into the shoebox under the bed, or
given back to taxpayers.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent idea!