Monday, April 28, 2008

Audit implications

Consider the implications of an audit of the APS.

A full scale forensic audit of the leadership of the APS.

It would cost some money. If 50 grand isn't the right number
let me know.

There are two possibilities;

  • one; we get our money's worth and more than 50 grand in ongoing corruption is exposed.
  • or two; we lose money because there is less than 50 grand in ongoing corruption.

  • All you have to do is believe that less than 50 grand;
    in a billion dollar a year budget, is being stolen.

    The Meyners Audit said senior administrators were spending
    more than 50 large, at a whack,
    "... without involving purchasing."

    All the while ignoring purchasing guidelines and hanging
    out at the Inn of the Mountain Gods.

    if there is only $50,000 unaccounted for;
    I'm a Chinese sea cook.

    So why isn't Paula Maes Modrall going to allow an audit
    that names names?

    And what about the next most powerful and trusted
    public servants? What are they doing?

    Are they saying;
    "Hey, Ched's full of shit. Nothing's wrong."

    "Nothing is being hidden."

    "There is no need for a forensic audit."

    They're just stonewalling the question.

    Are they not co-conspirators at some point, of those who's
    record of public service cannot survive an audit?

    Full scale forensic audit.



    Anonymous said...

    Even Senators and representatives feel the necessity to answer constituents.
    How does APS & Winston Brooks get off ignoring Joe Public?
    It really is a madhouse sometimes!

    Anonymous said...

    Until and unless there is an annual APS audit, with accountability and consequences, everyone needs to hit them in the pocketbook. Start voting NO on each and every bond issue. You have to go to the polls and vote NO, not just sit home and not vote for the message to get to them.