Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Inn of the Mountain Gods Soiree Comes Full Circle

Remember when a bunch of APS vendors underwrote the administrative soirée at the Inn of the Mountain Gods? link

Now we find out from the
Meyners audit that those vendors might have benefited from a; "Requisition & procurement process (that) is bypassed and contract process (that is) not adhered to"; and a "Lack of and enforcement of financially sound policies and procedures."

Which begs the question;
were any of the vendors who paid for the party at the Inn of the Mountain Gods beneficiaries of a requisition and procurement process that is not adhered to, and the lack of sound policies and procedures?

My guess would be yes.

Which begs another question; What if
Meyners + Co found violations of the law during their audit of the APS Finance Division?

What is
Meyners + Co. required to do with evidence of violation of civil or criminal statutes?

Are they required to report law breaking? Is there a
bean counter code of ethics? Does it mean anything more than the utterly fectless lawyers code of ethics, or the journalists' code of ethics?

If APS administrators have broken the law, will
Maes/Modrall be covering their asses and billing taxpayers $3-600 dollars an hour?

Who covers our backs?

Meyners + Co cannot be allowed to continue the cover up of the mess in the Finance Division. They have already indicated that they can, and will, produce a report of a financial crisis in the APS without naming a single administrator who should be held accountable for the mess.

I just looked up Meyners + Co. link
It turns out their offices are right next to Modrall's.
What a coincidence.

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