Saturday, April 26, 2008

Did veteran investigator, Larry Barker, forget to investigate?

Did he forget to ask;

Who dunit?
Or does KRQE News Director, Michelle Donaldson
have a muzzle on him?

Who are the APS senior administrators who decided to trade
student safety for fancy furniture?

Who ordered up the letter from Modrall?


Anonymous said...

Apparently the investigation continues on monday night. While checking out his site i ran across this.

Lobbyist Database
Albuquerque Public Schools
Population: 94,580 students
Lobbyist Lobbied At 2006 Fee
+ Expenses 2007 Fee
+ Expenses
Arthur Melendres
Mondrall Law Firm N.M. Legislature $21,350.00
$0.23/student $6,412.50
Total Federal $0.00 $0.00
State $21,350.00 $6,412.50
Overall $21,350.00
$0.23/student $6,412.50
© 2008 KRQE-TV
Link` pull down aps

Anonymous said...

I am guiessing that BArker ran this story on the sly (or the fly), w/o getting specific approval from Paula's minion.
I'm also sure there are many reporters and hjournalists that are very disgusted by Paula's minions that are in charge them.
The info dam is breaking that PAula and Modrall built. If they had any sense, they would have know their kingdom built on the exploitation of children would not last forever.
But they are displaying typically criminal himan nature. Criminals commit crimes partly because they think they won't get caught... this is usually a type of arrogance on thier part. I see a similar pattern with Paula and her minions.
Paula appears to me to be like a rube (she seems rude and coarse) that came into some money, and now all the other rubes ( of all ages) of Albuquerque should suffer, and be taken advantage of, because they didn't "make it" like she did.
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I',m right to some degree.
--An APS instructor