Thursday, April 10, 2008

Winston Brooks Visits for Four Days, Makes Four Grand

According to Linda Sinks weakly (sic) message;

Incoming superintendent Winston Brooks will be back in town Wednesday through Saturday, meeting with key constituencies around the city and speaking at several events. On Saturday morning he will attend a community event hosted by Garfield Middle School.

Brooks will earn a thousand a day for showing up and meeting with "key constituencies".

It is unclear who those key constituencies are. It is not the school board; Robert Lucero was not able to secure any assurance from Linda Sink at the last board meeting, that Brooks would have time to meet with the board.

It is not the public. None of the meetings have been announced in advance, with the exception of a Garfield Middle School community meeting on Saturday.

Sooner or later, Brooks will have to answer the question in public;

Superintendent Brooks,
Why will you not be held honestly accountable as the senior role model of the student standard of conduct?
He can't hide forever
can he?

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