Wednesday, April 30, 2008

KRQE; "Betraying Your Trust"

KRQE would like to have you believe that they are
"Earning your trust."

When in fact, they are betraying your trust.

KRQE is part of a conspiracy to cover up an ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

You would think that
KRQE News Director, Michelle Donaldson would have something to say about that allegation.

Either it is true, which would explain her silence, or it is not.

Which begs the question; why doesn't
Michelle Donaldson offer some kind of a rebuttal?

Perhaps there are a few good reasons that
Larry Barker did not reveal the names of the APS administrators whose decision it was to build an unnecessary new board room rather than install absolutely necessary smoke and fire detectors in student classrooms; who's name is on the letter to Modrall to create a letter to end fire safety inspections by the AFD Fire Marshall.

Unscrupulous lawyers could think of maybe a 100 more.

Michelle Donaldson cannot, will not, offer even one.

Nor will she offer any excuse for not reporting to
stakeholders that two pages are being secreted from the

Meyners Audit;
an audit that revealed widespread and
deeply rooted incompetence in the administration of
a billion tax dollars a year.

One excuse she might offer for not telling the truth;
would be that it is not
her call; not to report upon
the conduct and competence of
Paula Maes Modrall
and the rest of the good ol' boys that run the APS.
That she is in fact, just the flak catcher.

It which case it will suck to be
Michelle Donaldson
KRQE finally tells the truth,

Because until I have the name of another person at
more responsible than she;
hers is the name that will be associated with the ongoing
cover up of the ethics and accountability scandal in the
leadership of the APS, and with

KRQE "Betraying Your Trust"


Anonymous said...

At first I thought "Great! KRQE is the first channel to break the silence and bring the truth!"
But what they brought was a half-truth.
This fire safety story should have been run every night this week, with updates. They should have been on the school board and Brooks like white on rice.
They ended up soft-balling it, which incidently cost them quite a chunk of $$$ because it is a great ongoing story.
Paula doesn;t have enough to make up for their $$$ loss by not running exciting news, and clout alone can't be the reason either.
There's something we are not seeing here.
If you were a TV station in ABQ, what would you have been told to keep you from running money-making news?
We're missing something here, something important, and something "sinister".
--An APS instructor

ched macquigg said...

You may be right; look who has their fingers in the pie and still won't respond on the record;

Senator Pete Domenici
Representative Heather Wilson,
Congressional candidate and Bernalillo county sheriff Darren White,
District Attorney Kari Brandenburg,
Mayor Marty Chavez,
City Councilor Brad Winter,
Publisher Thomas Lang

not too mention a boat load of aps senior administrators and board members.

I mean; wow