Thursday, April 17, 2008

APS' underclass

The Public Forum consisted almost exclusively of Teaching Assistants "begging" for a reasonable raise. Although they have been slated for a 3% raise, they argued very well that a 3% raise on virtually nothing, is still nothing.

One lady has worked for APS for 15 years and seen her annual salary climb from $9K a year to $12K.

Winston Brooks
will make 23 times as much money this year.

Winston Brooks will be tooling around for the next three years in a Lincoln Navigator link or Cadillac Escalade link.

I doubt that he will be limited to "official" use.

On the other hand, TAs who are required to use their own
vehicles for official business, are reimbursed 30 cents per mile, far less, 20 cents less, than is customary. link

Board members make more money for showing up to
a single meeting, than TAs make for a whole day of work.

It was one of the most moving public forums that I have ever witnessed.

Zsombor Peter, Abq Journal was there, and wrote today instead, about how the board voted to add another day to the school year by shortening the Thanksgiving break from three days off, to two.

Perhaps Peter is writing something in more depth, that could not be ready by deadline.

I hope so. Otherwise you would have to wonder if the guy has a heart.

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Joseph Lopez said...

I worked as an Educational Assistant at Sierra Alternative for one month, it was all I could AFFORD to work there! I asked if it was a check for one week, if I had cuaght the pay cycle funny the pay was so low. No way to pay a mortgage on one EA salary.

I like the term teaching assistant, but I was used to inventory books, and issue computers to staff, I was often pulled out to teach classes, but the classroom I was supposed to be based in? I did no instruction, just support work, and not for "my" teacher, we EAs were used like custodians, movers, security, sub teachers and the like. But each of those job classes makes way more than a TA/EA.

In Colorado, especially Denver and JeffCo schools, they make enough money to actually pay some bills. I don't know how Denver affords it, but it would be nice if APS followed suit.

My Mom retired from APS - 27 years of service - and was making about 15 thousand at the END of her career. I made that going into the gate at APS Police as a 19 year old dispatcher, then quickly made over 20k as a school cop, and over 30k per year as a sergeant. In Colorado, I was paid about 55k to run herd over security people.

How can APS pay me to do security in one job, 30k a year, then ask me to do MORE work PLUS security for less than half the cash?

Sad state of affairs, and this when we have SO MUCH bloat and waste in un-needed administration, APS could be paying EAs enough to pay a small mortgage, maybe even go out to eat once in a while.

Instead, the fat cats get bigger houses, faster cars, and larger bellies. Fat, slow and uncaring, like a house cat who forgets who feeds it.