Monday, April 28, 2008

What will it take, do you suppose

to get NM Attorney General Gary King or the State Auditor Hector Balderas to stop ignoring the elephant in the APS?

What will it take?

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Joseph Lopez said...

I expect that bad guys keep stealing stuff when the good guys get scared of retribution. When the bad guys are more powerful than the good guys, are less scared, smarter - then evil reigns.

Kari, Gary and Hector are afraid of someone or some group. Maybe that group employs Bosnian/Serb conflict mercenaries to kidnap families, who knows? But one thing is certain, you mess with enough regular Americans, one of them is gonna pull out his duly licensed .357 and shoot you in the damn head. DAs are supposed to be law enforcement officials as well as lawyers, I say send the three to the academy and issue them Desert Eagles and a good long gun apiece.

Or maybe just make it obvious to anyone who would ever want to elect or invest with you that you are too stupid to get away with fleecing the poor, that they better find someone else to be in the club, and let the poor rend you limb from limb. Appeasment happens when the poor expose the graft to too many of the usualy quiescent.

When (if)the DA or State Auditor goes after Moon or Savage or Lovato or whoever else is stealing (Maes/Modrall, charter schools, etc.) from APS - it will be nothing but appeasment of the rowdy masses. So the long con can continue, so the ultra rich can stay that way.

So all we can do is hold on to our dignity, our ethics, our simple middle class way of life, even the poorest of Americans better off than most in Iraq, Afghanistan or wherever the War is.

The rich will always rationalize that the standard of living they maintain at the poors' expense is necessary for stability. That if no one was RUNNING things, there would be no country for all the poor to be so comfortable in!

And so goes the moral decline that allows rationalization to lead to immorality, the road to decadence. We will soon be a FORMER "chosen of God", just like all the rest, History makes each civilization decadent, if they last long enough, leading to weakness and corruption, leading to a disintegration of the State, and a new Dark Age!

Yay! Chaos! Destruction! MORE money, land and resource grabbing!

Mayday, Mayday, USS Ethical America going down! Torpedoed by corruption and graft, our moral propellers are OUT! I repeat, Mayday, Mayday!