Sunday, April 20, 2008

What if Tom Savage really is a crook?

During the last decade or so, Tom Savage has been part of
the senior leadership of the APS.

During the last decade or so, a lot of the
10 Billion dollars that have flowed through the APS, have flowed through departments that Tom Savage either personally ran or over which he had direct oversight.

During the last decade or so, according to the
Meyners Audit,
there has been a;

"Lack of enforcement of financially sound policies
and procedures in the APS Financial Department."

During the last decade or so, according to the Meyners Audit;
  • The requisition & procurement process has been bypassed and the contract process not been adhered to.
  • There have been District Superintendents who have encumbered the District for purchases or services greater than $50,000 without involving purchasing.
  • Other District staff have encumbered the District by signing for purchases or services without involving purchasing.
  • Requisitions and/or purchase orders for software or high cost items may not have gone through appropriate authorizations.
  • Inventories for fixed assets have not been taken and the tagging system is not current.
  • Equipment has been issued to various schools and classrooms and is missing.
Two pages of that audit are missing, and neither Rigo Chavez
nor Monica Armenta
will give a candid, forthright and
honest answer about what is on them.

Are the vendors who benefited from these shenanigans the
same vendors who paid the tab for the administrative soirée
at the
Inn of the Mountain Gods?

What if
Tom Savage really is a crook?

Paula Maes, Modrall, and the School Board just paid a lot of money for an audit that did not mention Tom Savage by name.

They are going to pay
a lot more money to the same company; Meyners, to make all the problems go away, and still not mention a single name of a single administrator who will be held honestly accountable to any meaningful standards of conduct and competence as a senior public servant.

Paula Maes made good on her promise that Tom Savage would never be the subject of an audit of his conduct and competence as public servant.

Paula Maes will not allow Tom Savage, any other senior
administrator or board member to be held accountable,
and she sure as hell is not going allow an audit that will
APS Modrall accountable.

The axis of
the board, Modrall, and the administration
are still secreting the truth about
Tom Savage's alleged
involvement the
APS Peanut Butter Gate scandal.

And if
Tom Savage is ever charged with any felony criminal
Modrall and Paula Maes will make a bundle
litigating his exception to accountability for breaking the law.

Even the
District Attorney cannot be depended upon
to intervene on behalf of stakeholders.

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg is hiding evidence of
public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the leadership of
the APS.

She has an obligation to prosecute felony criminal misconduct
and steadfastly refuses to do so.

Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White still refuses to
surrender a candid, forthright and honest account of
his own involvement in
APS Peanut Butter Gate,
including the cover up.

It was Tom Savage's girlfriend who was the subject of one of
a number of
illegal background checks done on a
secure FBI data base that had been entrusted to the
supervision of
Darren White.

Tom Savage is the guy that told me that he couldn't tell
stakeholders the truth about what was really going on at
Albuquerque High School, because the Realtors in
the neighborhood would have his neck.

When the scandal in the
APS Police Department was first
breaking, it was
Tom Savage who ordered APS employees
to keep their mouths shut.

What if
Tom Savage really is a crook?

What if
he knowingly permitted and/or negligently allowed
one of the worst taxpayer screwings in the history of the

Who will hold him accountable?

We know who will cover
Tommy Savage's ass;
who is supposed to be covering ours?

Aren't our representatives on the school board supposed to be defending
our interests?


Anonymous said...

Is there a way to ask this question of the new PResident of the School Board. Would she retract Paula's protection of Savage?
the new president has to prove her respect and authority, this would be a good start!

Anonymous said...

Is there a "what if" here? Seems definite to me.
Is there ANY redeeming qualities to this man's work in his whole career?
What a shyster!

Anonymous said...

Tom savage is the Poster Boy for lack of integrity!

Anonymous said...

On channel 13 website
There is an article on the budget shortfall that contains the following…

And it had to return state money for improperly running its special-education program.

My question is does anyone know what they’re talking about? Improperly running or improperly “ghosting” is my question.

Anonymous said...

Coucil Takes Sudden Intrest in Fire Safety

Didn't you say Ched that this had happened a while back when you were at Hoover as well? A little history might be helpful to demonstrate how APS never learns from it's mistakes.

ched macquigg said...

I received a tip that H Wayne Knight, the Principal at Hoover Middle School, had falsified reports on a number of fire drills.

Not only had he not conducted the 13 drills required by board policy, fire code, and state statute, but that he had also submitted falsified reports that the required drills had taken place.

Larry Barker investigated and was able to prove that Hoover and a number of other schools had been failing to conduct fire drills.

It was quite a scandal. To my knowledge, not a single principal was ever "punished" for playing games with the safety of hundreds of children.

ched macquigg said...

Good questions on the special ed scandal.

The fact that our million dollar a year communication department cannot ever generate a dishonest and misleading acknowledgment speaks volumes.