Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The truth is going to be hard to hide.

There is a billion dollars lying on a big table every year.

The good ol' boys that run the APS spend all that money
by letting contracts to local vendors.

The vendors sponsor yearly administrative soirées like the
one at the
Inn of the Mountain Gods.

The good ol' boys did not, and do not enforce

"... financially sound policies and procedures ..."
upon themselves.
  • They bypassed their procurement and contract processes.
  • They allowed District Superintendents to spend more than $50,000 dollars at a whack, without involving APS Purchasing.
  • They allowed less high ranking staff to spend less than $50,000 a whack, also without involving APS Purchasing.
  • Requisitions and/or purchase orders may not have gone through appropriate authorizations.
  • They didn't inventory their (our) fixed assets and much of our stuff has gone missing.
And now they are hiding public records; two pages from the audit, from public knowledge.

Do you think anything might have been stolen?

Do you think that good ol' boys like
Tom Savage and
Brad Winter might be criminally negligent?
Perhaps even criminal?

This story will not hide forever.

Sooner or later
Hector Balderas, or Gary King,
Veronica Garcia is going to have to get off of their ass and
begin a full scale
forensic audit of the administration of
public interests and resources in the APS.

Kent Walz, Michelle Donaldson, Rhonda Aubrey,
and Mary Lynn Roper
will have no choice
but to report upon the corruption and theft.

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