Monday, April 28, 2008

No one's gettin' fat 'cept Maes Modrall

A reader sent us this link;

LobbyistLobbied At2006 Fee
+ Expenses
2007 Fee
+ Expenses
Arthur Melendres
Mondrall Law Firm
N.M. Legislature$21,350.00

I can't say for certain what it is that we are looking at.

But it looks like taxpayers paid Paula Maes' good buddy
Art Melendrez and their law firm; Modrall,
a lot of money to be a lobbyist for the APS.

Cynical disgruntled former employee that I am,
I suspect immediately that Art was also on the payroll
as APS' lawyer during the same hours;
double dipping in the bottomless trough of unwitting
taxpayer support of "education".

I can't check on my suspicion,
because the public records of APS Maes/Modrall
are being kept secret from public knowledge,
even in violation of the law.

Nothing yet on the scandal from the Journal

... and don't hold your breath waiting for it.

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