Monday, April 28, 2008

Why isn't there a forensic audit of the APS every year?

as a matter of course.

Isn't it just good business?

Would it not effectively eliminate institutional incompetence
and corruption?

Why do we have to entrust a billion dollars a year
to these folks?

When trust is such a poor substitute for real accountability
to meaningful standards of conduct and competence.

What is Winston Brooks' intention?

If I were taking over this particular cash drawer
I would have it counted six ways from Sunday,
before I attached my name and reputation to whatever
is left in the drawer.

Will Winston Brooks demand an audit before he takes over?
Will he tolerate an audit?

Will he even answer a question about an audit?

Good leaders tolerate audits.

Great leaders demand them.
As a matter of course.

What do you say Winston, ol' chap?

Are you going to take out the good ol' boys in one fell swoop,

or, ... what?


Anonymous said...

An anual forensic audit is a good trust tool between the public and the system.
I hope Winston rises to the call.

Joseph Lopez said...

We know why sir, because Gilactus made a prophecy - "No One Shall Remain Standing".

Unethical cabron that he is, he is still right on this one. His guilty knowledge of ongoing crimes at Charter Vocational were just one of many in a file made so he could coast out with a half year of pay.

He used to wave around this letter he got from ERA saying they PROMISED him he would get another retirement on top of his APD retirement. So, he is most likely drawing money at a high rate from the Educational Retirement Fund as well as the PERA fund.

If I were the DA, I would tell him that he can hand over the files, or face obstruction charges for each and every one they already know about. I can think of a dozen just on the Moon debacle that I could pin on him.

Just think how a fully functioning badass DA task force could put together a HUNDRED easy charges on Lovato to make him a lesson to other law enforcers. To say no one is above the law, and the DA says who gets prosecuted, not the cops, not on felonies.

They could also send a message to anyone who ever got unexplained bumps in income, especially ones that no TAXES have been paid on, that you have to pay Uncle Sam even in New Mexico. I tried to get the Feds involved, but they are busy with terrorists I think.

Thanks for letting it all hang out and showing those rich bastiges that the help can teach them a thing or two once in a while. The FORMER help even!