Saturday, April 05, 2008

Is it time to give up on Marty Esquivel?

He won't stand up and expose the ethics and accountability
scandal in the leadership of the APS.

He enables by his silence;

  • an administration with no meaningful standards of conduct or competence,
  • and an institution with no system for the principled resolution of complaints of the violations of such pitiful standards as there are.

He enables by his silence;
  • the hiding of public records of public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the leadership of the APS (police department).

He enables by his silence;
  • Winston Brooks to be hired as the senior most administrative role model of the student standard of conduct, though he will not be accountable to that standard of conduct by any honest measure.

Marty Esquivel has either to stand up in support of;
  • administrative role modeling of the student standard of conduct, and in support of
  • meaningful standards of conduct and competence for public servants within their public service in the APS, and in support of
  • honest accountability to those standards, and in support of
  • an impartial administrative accountability audit of the administration of the APS
  • before Winston Brooks takes the wheel.
or defend his refusal to do so.

You cannot attrit good ol' boys.

If they are not taken out en masse through fundamental
and sweeping reform; they will prevail.

"You pick a side when you don't pick a side." unk

Stonewalling isn't going to cut it any more.

cc Esquivel upon posting.


Joseph Lopez said...

People are capitalizing on the corruption you and I reveal, Ched.

Instead of digging deeper, to find the proof of what we suspect, they instead hand that tidbit over for a chip in the big game.

I think that some of them go into it thinking "once I have enough chips, I will change the whole SYSTEM"...but it turns out that everyone but a bare few get addicted to the game itself.

The game of being the best old boy around, of leveraging what dirt you have on your fellows to get them to give you what you want, all the time. Money. Homes. Cars. Sex. Drugs. Whatever. Power makes it all in a Good old boys reach.

So, run for election again, Ched, maybe you are the only one who would not have bowed to the pressure of wanting in on the game, had you been elected to the School Board.

And even then, you would be fighting the different factions of administrators that think they are Gods Gift to Education. It gets messy, as you well know.

You would need staunch allies with similar ethics in every sector of administration. And you would need the Unions on your side too. To change things.

So, cut it down and let each high school and its feeder schools be its own School District. I bet it would be way cheaper, and the Good Old Boys would have to find another sandbox that holds a billion dollars a year to play with.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the very nature of politics is for 2 sides to figure out how to compromise and wheel-n-deal, which means eventually you will compromise your goals and morals.
I agree with Joseph, this is a very damning thing for most people. Everyone thinks they will be better thatn that, will not succomb to it, but many do give in to compromises that make life easier and/or profitable.
It also could be likely that Madrall told MArty that he could face legal action should he "violate board security" and "privacy issues" by relaying information to you, or others.
Believe...that's a very possible liklihood.
Thanks for the blog.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ched -
Are you OK? You haven't posted in a while.