Friday, April 25, 2008

I once asked a lawyer from the Modrall

"Who in the APS tells you what to do?"

He refused to answer the question.

In his second expose of deliberate fire code and
safety violations by the leadership of the APS;

Larry Barker showed his viewers a letter
written on Modrall letterhead LINK .

The letter told the Albuquerque Fire Department to stop
doing fire safety inspections on APS campuses;

putting of 89,000 of this community's sons and daughters
at risk of their lives,

in order to save a little money so they could properly fix up
the Uptown Administrative Complex.

Who in the leadership of the APS
told them to write that letter?

Monica Armenta is a highly paid public servant.
she knows who told Modrall to write the letter.
She knows who participated in the decision making process.

If she doesn't know, she sure as hell can find out.

If she does not identify those who are responsible for
such a reprehensible budget decision,

how are they to be held accountable for their conduct and
for their competence as public servants?

If Monica Armenta is really a public servant,
she will identify those responsible.

If she does not,
she is someone else's servant.

Speaking of which; surely Larry Barker must have wondered
who told Modrall to write the letter.

Why won't KRQE News Director, Michelle Donaldson,
allow Larry Barker to name names?

Has she cut a deal with NM Broadcasters Association CEO
Paula Maes,
to leave out the names of the gool ol' boys?

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Anonymous said...

The proof (that letter, for one) was burned and shredded a long time ago in APS, and Modrall wouldn't want to sue themselves for giving it to anyone.
More corruption. More Elitism. More child sacrifices.
APS admin is so evil, one would think they are almost supernatural! (LOL)