Friday, April 18, 2008

APS Audited; sort of

There have been at least three major independent audits of APS divisions; M&O, APS Police, and APS Finance Division.

Each revealed significant incompetence and corruption.

Each of those division directors reported directly to a more senior APS administrator.

In the case of the Police Department and the Finance Division, that would be Tom Savage.

No audit has been conducted that included an audit of Tom Savage's conduct and competence in his failure to prevent such wide spread and deeply embedded corruption and incompetence.

Paula Maes Modrall
has stated on the record that
she has no intention of allowing Tom Savage
or any other senior APS leader (including herself!)
to be audited
by anyone.

When I asked for any public record that revealed any change in policy after the audit of the M&O Division, the leadership of the APS could not or would not surrender a single record that they had done anything to prevent a recurrence.

A recurrence that then happened in the Police Department, and recurred again in the Finance Division.

This crap will not stop until there is a full scale forensic audit
of the entire leadership of the APS including Tom Savage
and Paula Maes and the Modrall.

Which will not happen as long as there is not a single board member with the character and the courage to stand up to Maes, Modrall, Savage, and the rest of the good ol' boys that run the APS.

Which will not happen as long as there in not a single board member with the character and courage to vote against the adoption of any meeting agenda that does not include a
candid, forthright and honest discussion of the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

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