Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"... the problem did not pop up overnight ..."

Good ol' boy accounting.

One of my readers once offered that if you are doing something illegal and will be convicted by a record of your conduct; just don't keep records!
One does not go to prison for keeping lousy books.

APS keeps lousy books on billions of tax dollars.

They have been keeping lousy books for generations.

I have in my possession a copy of the
Executive Summary Analysis of Finance Division
March 5, 2002, and of the
APS Finance Division 2008 Project Plan

They were surrendered without incident by
APS' Custodian of Public Records, Rigo Chavez.

I am not an accountant. But if I were, and I wanted to set up
They were surrendered in fact; promptly, professionally, and courteously.a system where taxpayers could be easily screwed out of a large part of a billion dollars a year, this is the system I would create, maintain, and defend as though my life depended on it.

"Meyners + Company, LLC (Meyners) was engaged by Albuquerque Public Schools to perform an analysis of the District's financial policies, procedures and financial reporting structure and develop a comprehensive project plan for the Division."
... for which they were paid some great deal of money.

In exchange for which they have offered up an analysis that doesn't name a single good ol' boy,
and offers to fix the whole thing for a great deal more money.

... all while continuing to cover the asses
of the good ol' boys who are responsible for the mess

As an example.

"The problems in the Finance Department did not pop up overnight."

That is Meyners' way of saying the problem has been around for a long time, but doesn't raise the issue of who might be responsible on the night the problems did pop up.

If the the problems popped up any one of the previous
1000 nights or so, they popped up on Tom Savage's watch. If they popped up during any one of the previous 33,000 nights; Tom Savage is responsible for enabling them for a 1000 more.

Paula Maes has made good on her pledge that she would allow no audit that would allow Tom Savage to be held individually accountable for his conduct and competence as a public servant.

Tom Savage will not be held accountable for
APS' Peanut Butter Gate and the criminal misuse of Darren White's super sophisticated and secure criminal information data base, and the illegal background check made on Tom Savage's girlfriend.

No one in the
APS Peanut Butter Gate scandal will be held criminally accountable.

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg has been sitting on the evidence for over a year, still unable to determine whether or not to prosecute high ranking public servants who have committed felony criminal misconduct.

In summary,
  • APS has a financial department that is ripe for corruption and handles a billion dollars a year.
  • The good ol' boy who owns the problem, is the same good ol' boy who owns the public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the APS Police Department.
  • He is being protected from the consequences of his corruption and incompetence by Paula Maes and the Modrall Law Firm,
  • who regularly litigate against the public interest, and in defense of APS administrators and board members.
  • Meyners + Company, LLC has an offer on the table to fix the whole finance department thing without a single good ol' boy's head hitting the floor.
  • The offer will be accepted by the leadership of the APS.

And the
Journal won't investigate and report upon it.

Neither will
KRQE, nor KOAT, nor KOB, nor KKOB.

No member of the privileged class will be held accountable against their will; except by the privileged class.

And they like the way
Tom Savage keeps their books.

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