Thursday, April 17, 2008

Redacted pages, still a mystery.

APS' Rigo Chavez gave me a copy of the throughly damning APS Finance Division 2008 Project Plan. link

Two whole pages were left out of the package with no explanation except that

"pages 26 of 29 and 27 of 29 have been intentionally left out at this time"

I asked Rigo Chavez for some kind of explanation and he has not responded to my emailed question.

I sent another request for the same information this morning.

"APS Communications Department"
proudly bringing a whole new meaning to the word


Joseph Lopez said...

Ched, has APS offered you any pages on how much lawyers cost them, and which ones were paid over the last ten years? I am having trouble pinning down Rigo on the pages he was supposed to count for me.

I really just want a SUMMARY page, that lists each firm, how much they were paid, and for what justifiable purpose(s). I know you asked too, did you ever get anything, or are they just trying to lure me in to the APS offices to try and arrest me?

I trust Bill Reed and Steve Tellez not to bust me for no reason, but some of the guys Gilbert hired are unethical jerks, and they have badges. I was harassed several times by APS police when Lovato was in charge, mostly by new hires who had no idea who I was except Lovato wanted them to pin whatever on me, even when I was trying to help.

Anyways, long story, but just wondering if you have been provided with any of the information we both asked for regarding lawyer costs to APS.

ched macquigg said...

Rigo refused to hand over any documents claiming the request was burdensome or some such.

It takes lawsuits to get the inconvenient truth pried loose, and who can afford lawsuits?

Joseph Lopez said...

Lawyers code of ethics, Bar rules, ethics per the New Mexico Administrative code for school administators, actual criminal statutes/laws - they seem to mean nothing to APS, huh Ched?

Thanks for noticing that we are being unwillingly copulated by the APS Good Old Boys. And for trying to do something about it, instead of just taking it like all those others who let evil reign through inaction.