Wednesday, April 16, 2008

School Board Member Delores Griego

has on two, maybe three, occasions indicated that she would like the board to discuss "school board ethics".

Her expressed interest is then ignored by the rest of the board.

Not even Marty Esquivel will second her emotion.

I would suggest to Ms. Griego, a more direct approach;
at the board meeting tonight, when the vote is taken to adopt the agenda, vote no. Vote against any agenda that does not include a candid, forthright and honest discussion of school board ethics.

Perhaps if she stands up for what she believes in,
Marty Esquivel might find the courage to do the same.

Which might inspire Gordy Rowe to grow a pair,
which might inspire Mary Lee Martin to stand up as well.

If four members of the board vote not to accept another agenda that does not step up the ethics and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS

the remaining three board members; Maes, Lucero, and Facio, would have no way to keep the subject from coming to the table.

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