Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brad Winter's Head to Roll.

Right, and a pint of Hagen daaz serves four.

Brad Winters is the APS Facilities Director.
He allowed meaningful fire inspections of APS schools
to remain undone.

He is the APS Facilities Director.
He should be able to tell you how much money you spent
on the APS Uptown Administrative Complex.

But he won't.

He could very well be one of the beneficiaries of the current
scandal in the APS Finance Department.

He benefits from a spouse whose law firm does APS business.

A situation her law firm would not acknowledge in response
to my inquiry.

Brad Winters will not be docked a days pay.
He will not be caned.

He has already announced phase two of fixing the mess.
We will no longer discuss who should have protected the
safety of our children, and did not.
Instead will will move along to;

"I am sure everyone wants to get about the business of fixing the problem."

No blood, no foul.

He will get what all APS good ol' boys get when they screw up.

He will get what Tom Savage got for knowingly permitting
and, or negligently allowing the public corruption and
criminal conspiracy in the APS Police Department.

He will get what Tom Savage got for knowingly permitting
and, or negligently allowing a few hundred million tax dollars
to go missing in the APS Finance Department.

Brad Allison got a third of a million.

Michael Vigil got a quarter of a million.

Gil Lovato got a half a year of paid leave.

There is a reason APS cannot fire a senior administrator
without giving them a boot full of cash.

Gil Lovato said that if the community knew what he knows,
there would not be a single APS senior administrator
left standing.

It is time for an independent forensic audit.

Someone needs to go into the APS and ferret out those
who have been helping themselves to the benefits of
unwitting taxpayer support of education.

The school board could end the good ol' boy corruption and
incompetence in the administration of the APS.

But they will not.

Because they are every bit as corrupt as the rest of the
good ol' boys that run the APS.

If there were any other explanation, they would publish it
here _____________________________________


Anonymous said...

So what ever happened with Lovato's lawsuit? Anyone know if he was bought off too? I was looking forward to all that coming out.

Joseph Lopez said...

Dude, you had me all happy with the headline! Too bad no one is being held accountable dot dot dot YET!

Or maybe I should have spelled out "ellipsis" the three dot thing, would that have flowed better?

What comes around, goes around, the truth will have to come out, and EVENTUALLY someone in authority will have the brass ones to do something about it, instead of getting in on the gravy train themselves.

hoi polloi can make noise, but we are easily appeased with small sums of money, APS can get me off their backs for what my condo mortgage and any taxes for the income would be, 55k. That is my price, not more, not less. Well, ok more would be fine!

So, I am just them on a smaller scale, compromising my morals for holding onto something physical in the world? Moral confusion with money, it never fails. I think I am owed "X" amount, for getting my ass kicked when Lovato and Romero could have done something about it ahead of time, for their negligence.

So, do Winter and Savage just think in more grandiose terms than me, thinking APS owes them really big for running stuff? Making moral compromises about how much top execs in the private sector would get, rationalizing a relative getting business from "insider tips"?

I am not sure, but I think it is a similar dynamic, and maybe I should get off my high horse, huh?