Tuesday, April 29, 2008

APS Brad Winter; bald faced lie?


Brad Winter
says APS has

"... a great track record on our portables as far as safety."
Larry Barker asked,
"Meaning you haven't had a disaster yet?"
Brad Winter,

The accident record may be clean, but the safety record is not.

The classrooms have been unsafe since APS decided to
outfit the Uptown Complex instead of meeting fire code in

Semantics? hardly.

The fact that there has not been a disaster doesn't mean
APS classrooms are safe; it just means that APS, and
90,000 of our children have been lucky; so far.

No good ol' boy's head will roll.

Mark my words.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I compare this to a 10 year old walking over a rickety log that lies over a valley with crocodiles.
IF the boy makes it to the other side, does that make it safe?
What a croc! (Pardon the pun)