Friday, April 27, 2007

when all is said and done;

more is said than done.

The leadership of the APS says they want to improve communication; their record is of hiring more spin doctors for the communications center; abolishing citizen advisory groups; and feigning incompetence as the underlying excuse for a website that is all but useless.

The leadership of the APS says they are transparent; yet they will not allow, nor will they respond to questions on the record, they will not furnish an honest accounting of the uptown center, and they will not surrender public records.

Public servants are writing the terms of public service.
Their terms allow the covert evasion of accountability to any meaningful standard of conduct.

Their terms are against the public interest;
and they are unacceptable.

The public should not be paying the costs of litigating
the effective defeat of a state statute, the NMIPRA,
without their knowledge and against their interests.

Responsibility for the "...without their knowledge" part falls upon the shoulders of the
anonymous decision makers at the Journal and the Trib.

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