Sunday, April 15, 2007

Open Letter to Attorney General Gary King


The purpose of this letter is to inform you of public corruption and a criminal conspiracy in the leadership of the Albuquerque Public Schools.

The purpose of the conspiracy is to prevent public knowledge of public records.

The Leadership of the APS is using public power and resources against the public interest. The leadership of the APS and the lawyers of the Modral Law Firm are using education funding to defeat the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act in the Second Judicial District Court.

They are absolutely damned by their public record.
It is precisely why they will not surrender it.

A case on point:

The leadership of the APS is currently preventing public knowledge of the public records concerning public corruption in the administration of the APS Police Department; a publicly funded, private police force.

I asked Rigo Chavez for the public records of complaints against a public servant, and the chief of police, Gil Lovato.

I was informed that because the volume of public records includes “letters or memoranda which are matters of opinion” that the entire body “contains no public records” and is "confidential".

He is the Custodian of Public Records. If that means anything at all, it means that feigned ignorance can not be used to hide corruption.

Patricia Madrid would not stop APS/Modral from defeating the NMIPRA in Second Judicial District Court.

Neither will the office of Secretary of Education; nor will the Bureau of Educator Ethics.

Therefore, I am rolling the ball onto your field.

You have now to pick a side; and then kick the ball.

To be on the side of public service that is honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct;

you have simply to admit on the record that you have received this complaint; and then to attach your reputation to its principled resolution.


and with a great deal of respect;

ched macquigg

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