Wednesday, April 04, 2007

there are three kinds of people in the leadership of the aps

1. those who are corrupt and/or incompetent.
2. those who have guilty knowledge of corruption and incompetence.
3. and, those who's record is one of fighting against the accommodation of corruption and incompetence.

my reasoning:

1. it is human nature, there is no reason why this type of person would not end up the in the leadership of public schools; just as they end up in politics, and law, and business, ... were there not abundant evidence of their presence in the leadership of the aps, the presence is a statistical certainty.

2. especially in education, it is important that those who are entrusted with resources and power, act to protect them from abuse. while it is commendable that there are those who personally resist corruption; they can not justify their failure to protect the public trust and treasure from the corruption and incompetence of others. public servants have a responsibility to expose and eliminate public corruption and incompetence. there are those who are guilty of doing nothing, instead.

3. there are those who have a record of fighting back. the record is important. it is the only thing that separates the walk from the talk. I for instance, am on the record as standing in opposition to the corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the aps. I am on the record as pointing out that

the leadership of the aps, by their deliberate decision, is not accountable to any meaningful standard of conduct by any system that they do not control. they cannot be held accountable against their will.

they have spent public resources to pay the lawyers of modrall to except them from accountability even to the law.

marty esquivel is on the record. he has proposed an administrative accountability audit. so far, he has encountered opposition only from the corrupt and incompetent in the leadership of the aps. and they are formidable; as demonstrated by the fact that no one will mention the phrase "aps administrative accountability audit," except marty esquivel.

bill richardson won't say it.
nor will marty chavez.
nor terri cole.
nor any city councilor or elected public servant.
nor the journal, nor the trib;

so far as I know, no one else is on the record.

in fairness; the leadership of the aps maintains a "culture of fear of retaliation and retribution."

you don't stand up to these people without risk.

and while a certain amount of prudence is reasonable; the expectation of a certain amount of moral courage from leadership is reasonable as well.

there is no consensus in the leadership of the aps on the meaning of "leading by personal example."

although it seems clear that if we tell children to stand up for what they believe in (personal accountability to a higher standard of conduct;) we are obligated by necessity to show them what it looks like.

the corrupt and the incompetent in the leadership of the aps removed from their own code of conduct the expectation that;

the standard of conduct for adults will never be lower that the standard for students.

for more than a year they have been asked to explain, defend, or even acknowledge that they have abdicated as role models of the student standard of conduct.

in order to keep this question off of the public record of board meetings; they moved the public forum from the meeting record.

on as many as ten occasions the broadcast records of board meetings were deliberately falsified to remove the board's response to the question, (stonewalling) from the record.

the last four times that I tried to ask the question on the record,I was deprived of my right to speak by members of an armed private police force. although the aps police force is publicly financed, it is accountable only to the leadership of the aps; everitt, maes, modral. the police force is neither certified nor accredited by any organization beyond the leadership of the aps.

I exerted legitimate expectation of a right to speak. my conduct was entirely consistent with a variety of human and statutory rights. I did nothing wrong and I stand on the record. the board used their security police, illegally, to deny my right to petition them in regard to their public service.

the aps police force has been used like a praetorian guard by the administration, board, and modral. the aps police is every bit responsible for the recognized "culture of fear of retaliation and retribution" in the aps. its long time commander, gil lovato is doing who knows what, being paid three hundred dollars a day, while everitt refuses to close her investigation and publicize the results.

by "results" it is meant, the truth. everitt refuses to tell the truth about the administration of the public trust and treasure by her chief of police.

neither will beth everitt tell the truth about her own administration of the public trust and treasure.
  • she will not reveal an honest accounting of almost twenty million dollars spent at her uptown offices.
  • she will not begin an impartial audit of her conduct and competence as a public servant.

at her opportunity tonight, to "relate matters of information"; she will stonewall instead.

the board, instead of explaining, defending, or even acknowledging their abdication as role models; will stonewall instead.

the journal and trib, instead of investigating and reporting upon the newsworthy truth; will stonewall instead.

they get away with it for as long as they get away with stonewalling the question. stonewalling works only as long as board meeting attendance is insignificant.

board meeting attendance will remain insignificant for as long as board meetings
  • are held during the work day,
  • are not held in neighborhood high school auditoriums,
  • and offer no opportunity for public input on the record;
  • and for as long as they maintain a nearly useless website
  • and community relations department,
  • and for as long as they will not permit parent advisory groups.
  • and for as long as they use legal weaselry to suppress public records even in violation of the law; the nmipra.
  • and for as long as they can hide the truth about gil lovato and their security police.
  • and for as long as they can avoid surrendering an honest accounting of the uptown complex,
  • and for as long as they can avoid an administrative audit.

but mostly, board meeting attendance will remain insignificant for as long as the journal and trib refuse to investigate and report upon the truth.

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