Thursday, April 19, 2007

To: Custodian of Public Records, Albuquerque Public Schools

From: Charles MacQuigg, (address and phone number on record)

This constitutes a request for all documents, papers, letters, books, maps, tapes, photographs, recordings and other materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics, that are used, created, received, maintained or held by or on behalf of any APS and relate to public business, whether or not the records are required by law to be created or maintained and excluding any records whose request is prohibited by any agreement between myself and APS.

The Attorney General of the State of New Mexico, Gary King has indicated an interest in the following public records regarding my complaint against you.

“… I still need a little more specific information to be able to pursue the IPRA issue. Not so much who, but when. For instance, if you sent a letter to the agency requesting documents, we need a copy of the request letter and any response you received…”
Gary King
Therefore, I am making a request for a package of public records be prepared for the Attorney General, to include the following.
  1. All public records of complaints filed against Gil Lovato, with APS' Equal Opportunity Office;
  2. the findings of investigations of those complaints;
  3. and of the dissemination of those findings and results.
  4. Including but not limited to the "ongoing" investigations by other entities than the EOSO.
  5. All requests for public records related to Gil Lovato.
  6. All responses to those requests.
  7. All records of public resources that have been committed to litigating against requests for public records under the auspices of the NMIPRA.
  8. All statements made by, or on the behalf of Elizabeth Everitt; or the APS, or the Modral Law firm regarding the District’s intention to release the results of investigations of public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the administration of the APS Police.
  9. Records of APS administrators who have attended NMIPRA training by the AG’s Office or any other.
Please send your response directly to the Attorney General, flagged for his personal attention. Copy to me; all of your responses to him.

As the custodian of public records, if you would please, acknowledge that you have received this request and that it meets your needs.

Ched MacQuigg

cc. New Mexico State Attorney General Gary King

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