Monday, April 23, 2007

If blogger Joe Monahan is right; we're screwed

Joe Monahan writes about the ETHICS OVERLOAD

As for the ethics task force, we already had one so why spend money and time on another? Why not continue to push for the original proposals? The Guv says: " The task force is charged with evaluating options for ethics and campaign finance reform and reviewing the results of the 2007 regular and special legislative sessions." We need 23 folks to give political advice?
He writes without hope for change; and without concern for the ramifications.

The negative impact of a "culture of corruption" in public service cannot be overstated. The financial losses alone are staggering.

List the times that public service has failed to advance the public interests; how many of the list are not the fruit of corruption or incompetence?

There is a direct cure; a wormhole to the center of the problem; transparent accountability.

Transparent accountability is fatal to corruption and incompetence.

It is an instantaneous special session; public service and servants transparently accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct, under a system overwhich they have no control, and even against their will; yes or no.

It could not be more simple.

It could not be more important.

Public corruption and incompetence exist because the system allows them to exist. Otherwise impartial annual audits of public service would be a tradition, not an anomaly.

It is not a question of "how" government can be made transparent. The question is "if" government will be made transparent. After a few hundred years of opportunity; the apparent answer is no. Public servants have determined that among their terms of public service is their right to maintain secrecy around their conduct and competence as public servants.

Ethics reform begins with absolute transparency.

Is there any question that transparent accountability in public service is in the public interest; or that it does not in fact, manifest the public interest?

In so far as legislators continue to refuse to hold themselves honestly accountable for their conduct and competence as public servants; they act against public interests.

On every scale, from school board to the legislature, public servants who do not want do discuss honest accountability to a meaningful standard of conduct; have the unflagging support of the Journal and the Trib.

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Joseph Lopez said...

I am reminded of a scene in Syriana when the Knowingly Corrupt Government is personified in that little weasly guy who says something to the effect of - Graft is what makes the United States STRONG.

Its a turning point in the life of a person who has just been a "good soldier" and done right in his own private life but has only done what he is told in his work life.

That is the moment of possibility of change in the system. When the "graft is good" people get too damn comfortable with the Big Lie and start blabbing it to us little people like its an unchangable LAW OF PHYSICS...

Then its time to shine the light, hit record on the vid-cam, and rejoice.

Pride is the downfall of many a man, power and money of others. Some men's clay feet are revealed when they take their shoes off while cuckolding spouses, and some are merely lazy to the point of negligence, letting their foot clay glom on to a rotting, immobile foundation.

Hiding something in plain sight is a trick of the elite, making them think they are so much more CLEVER than the rank and file. GETTING AWAY WITH IT in broad daylight while everyone watches. For a while.

Justice in America, Justice in New Mexico, Justice in Albuquerque, Justice in a School System. Justice in a man's heart.

And the screwed up thing? Ready for the next time you have to do it all over again. SIGH.