Monday, April 16, 2007

Charles Becknell, Director of the APS Office of Equal Opportunity Services

is the guy you go to if the APS Chief of Police is retaliating against you and you wish to file a complaint against him.

Becknell is the only guy; APS does not offer any other venue for adjudication of complaints made against APS administrators. It is him, or it is nobody.

He has denied a request for the public records of his office's investigations and resolutions of allegations of Lovato's corruption and incompetence. He has denied the request based on the argument that if a body of public records contains among them "letters or memoranda of opinion"; then the entire body of records is exempt from the requirements of the NMIPRA.

The argument is absolute nonsense as even a cursory examination of the NMIPRA demonstrates. In fact the Office of the Attorney General provides the following commentary on point:

Requested documents that contain significant factual information in addition to opinion should be provided with the opinion information blocked out or otherwise redacted.
The requirements cannot be more explicit. Feigned ignorance is being offered as a cloak for corruption in the leadership of the APS.

Which would seem to indicate that Charles Becknell is himself either corrupt or incompetent; and that anyone who files a complaint against Gil Lovato, in Becknell's office, might just as well file that complaint directly into a trash can.

Based upon my personal experience with him and his handling of my complaints of ethical misconduct by Carole Smith, APS Character Counts Director; Toby Herrera, Director of Student and Community Services, DeeDee Stoud, and Superintendent Everitt; I am find myself leaning toward the conviction that Charles Becknell is corrupt, as opposed to simply egregiously incompetent. I believe that is why he is in charge of investigations of complaints of corruption made against members of the leadership of the APS.

Who else would a corrupt administration place in charge of investigating corrupt administrators, except a corrupt administrator. To do otherwise would be simply stupid. No one has ever accused aps/modral of stupidity.

I expect that a forensic examination of the records of Becknell's investigations of Lovato's alleged corruption and incompetence; will reveal that those complaints were in fact, round filed. And that that is why the records will not be released.

There is no other reason to deny public knowledge of these particular public records.

There is no other reason to oppose a forensic audit of the administration of the APS; or of public power and resources in the APS.

If there were, someone would offer it.

Paula Maes/Modral
Robert Lucero
Elizabeth Everitt
Tom Savage
any senior aps admininstrator
any board member
mayor Martin Chavez
the educator ethics bureau
the state department of education
the attorney general's office
the chamber of commerce
the journal
the trib


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Anonymous said...

Last year 2207 -2008 school year I suffered at the hands of the "Probationary Principal" simply because I chose to think outside the box and ignore the intimidation. I reported our principal to CYFD after witnessing his abrasive and brutal style when it came to 'reprimanding' children as young as 6 years old. I reported him right after I witnessed him assault a 7 year old in the health office. The registered nurse and a certified educational assistant were also in attendance and they did nothing to defend the child. I immediately called CYFD and was told that my report would be sent to APD Crimes Against Children since the offender was an APS Principal. I recieved varification that the report was faxed from CYFD to APD the day I reported it. Days later an investigation was conducted and other witnessed (including me) were interviewed by a detective Patty Flanagan via tape recorder. Weeks went by and nothing happened in fact when I called APD I was told the report was returned to APS Police Department and Officer Patty Flanagan was their employee. The mother of the child persued the incident and was told by an officer Mike Gonzales that, "The case is complete. There was no wrong doing and the case is closed" When I contacted APS Police Department and requested a report of the case and the follow-ups I was told that there was no report by Detective Patty Flanagan and Officer Mike Griego stated,"There is no Mike Gonzalez working here"
I believed I was losing my mind and so did the child mother. Other witnessed either volutarily left the school or were ceremoniously removed from their position (Me). I told my principal at the time that his decision was based on retaliation for my contacting CYFD. He was not concerned. Obviously APS's corrupt practices gave him confidence that nothing would be done to protect this student. This year I'm told by employees that remained at this school that this principal is even more bold in his treatment of students who 'Step out of line' He will one day seriously injure a student. I shutter at the idea. I contacted Dr Becknell and his 'Team" last May and I filed a signed complaint against this principal. Dr Becknell assured me if I signed my confidentiality would be protected. Days later Dr Becknell's assistant began to interview staff members at our school to varify my complaint. My identity was given to each and every person interviewed including the principal. Needless to say the last two weeks of May 2008 were a living hell. I was shut out of our school community even by those who complained about this principal all year. When I confronted Dr Becknell and asked why he's breeched our agreement he stated, "I made a decision that it was necessary to let others know who filed the complaint" This is the land of the free and the home of the brave? I'm brave and I'm free to do the right thing ... but I'm the minority. This principal remains at this school and I voluntarily transferred to another position.