Sunday, April 22, 2007

resetting the piece

Allegedly; there is public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the administration of the APS Police Department and by extension, in the leadership of the APS.

Evidence: abounds. There is an incontrovertible public record.

The public records consists of "documents" that are essentially public property.
The public has right to inspect and/or copy those documents.
It is against the law for a public entity like the leadership of the APS to willfully obstruct the surrender of public records.
The leadership of the APS currently refuses to surrender the public record of public corruption in the administration of the APS Police Department; in blatant violation of the law.
The leadership of the APS excepts itself from the NMIPRA with the aid and abet of the Modral Law Firm. Taxpayer support of education flows into Modral; and the Modral lawyers defeat the NMIPRA in court by means of unscrupulous litigation.

The Albuquerque Police Department and the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department are scheduled to endorse a "review" of the APS Police Department. This in blatant disregard for the conflict of interest represented by their participation in an investigation into the conduct of their own departments. Neither will disclose the public record of their departments involvement in the alleged criminal misuse by APS leaders, of computer systems entrusted to law enforcement.

Attorney General Gary King is on top of it his own deliberate choice.

He is so far, alone. So far, he has no public support.
No one else will stand on the record and accept responsibility for the principled resolution of allegations of public corruption in the leadership of the APS.

There are other "people" who should be speaking up on this issue. Among them politicians who have publicly complained about accountability issues in the leadership of the APS; but who are now in hiding on the issues of accountability and the leadership of the APS.

There are content to let someone else do the wet work;
the hand to hand, eyeball to eyeball stuff.

Pete Domenici won't speak up;
nor will Heather Wilson
nor Bill Richardson
nor will Marty Chavez.
nor any city Councilor.
nor Terri Cole and the chamber of commerce.

Nor will any member of the APS Board of Education
nor will any APS senior administrators

nor will Modral

nor will the Journal or the Trib;
( albeit recent hat tips to the Journal for a couple of relatively courageous pokes in the monster's eyes)

There is no defense of an indefensible position except
stonewalling, and conspiring to hide evidence.

incontrovertible evidence of a criminal conspiracy to defeat the intent of the NMIPRA; right under the nose of the New Mexico Attorney General.

How exactly; is this not "news"?

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