Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Juris Mustelidae (revisited)

At some point; a bunch of people sat around a campfire and decided that it was in their collective best interests to govern themselves with laws and accountability to those laws; juris.

Before the ink was dry (actually before the mud tablet was dry) exception was created; Juris Mustelidae; the practice of juris by weasels, in order to except the privileged class from accountability to juris.

There really is a privileged class. Chief among their privileges is their personal exception to accountability.

The leadership of the APS is interested in evading accountability for public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the adminisistration of the APS Police Department; and by extension, the in the leadership of the APS.

They are dodging accountability by suppressing evidence. The evidence exists in the form of public records created by an independent investigation into public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the administration of the APS Police Department.

The law requires that these public records be open for inspection and or copying.

The leadership of the APS is refusing to make these public records,public knowledge, in blatant violation of the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act; in blatant violation of the law.

They will be represented in court by the Modral Law Firm. The Modral Law Firm and the leadership of the APS are one and the same.

The egregiously expensive litigation will be financed by taxpayers. The funds that can be diverted to Modral are apparently unlimited.

The NMIPRA was created for exactly this situation. This is the form of public corruption that the law is supposed to protect us from. This is a test case. It could not be more on point.

Defending the NMIPRA, will be the office of the
New Mexico Attorney General, Gary King.

Opposing the law; in order to hide evidence of public corruption and criminal conspiracy,
the leadership of the APS and Modral.

It would seem that AG King has some formidable opposition.

Also standing against public knowledge of public records,
the Journal and the Trib.


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